Witium is the core of industrial cloud platform, HMI man-machine interface, data acquisition module and other products. Provide targeted industrial iot solutions for all kinds of equipment manufacturers.

WitCloud industrial Internet of things cloud platform

WitCloud, to help traditional manufacturing enterprises or industrial equipment manufacturing enterprises, to realize the networking of industrial objects or equipment information. Provide industrial cash for users The data collection and upload of the field, and remote monitoring and control through the computer end and the mobile phone end.

Scavenging two-dimensional code downloading air compressor APP (IOS on the left - Android on the right)

Industry iot solutions

All of them are triggered by the actual needs of the customers, and provide more targeted and superior solutions by powerful R & D capabilities



Cooperative Partner

With strong research and development capabilities and industrial Internet of things solutions to provide capabilities, brilliance has won the trust of a large number of excellent enterprises.